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  • $9.99

    Tuesday: Chicken Curry

    Cooked in garlic, ginger and tomato sauce, our Tuesday special

  • $9.99

    Wednesday: Chicken Jalfarezi

    Tender pieces of chicken breast, bell peppers, red peppers, onion and seasonings.

  • $9.99

    Monday: Lamb Curry

    Lamb meat in curry seasonings.

  • $9.99

    Thursday: Do Piaza

    Boneless lamb made with onion and hint of vinegar. Served with rice, bread and side salad and sauce.

  • $9.99

    Friday Special: Lamb Curry with Potatoes

    Grass fed lamb meat in curry seasonings with potatoes. Served with rice or bread and side salad and sauce.

  • $9.99

    Sunday: Chef’s Special

    Long grain basmati rice, flavored with exotic spices and a touch of saffron. Also layered with chicken and thick gravy sauce. Served with chickpeas and a side of tandoori naan.

  • $9.99

    Saturday Special: Chicken Korma

    Boneless chicken simmered in a yogurt fragrant sauce with onion, garlic, ginger and fresh tomatoes.

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