Maiwand Grill is now celebrating its twelfth year!

Maiwand Grill is a family restaurant owned by Afghan family, who has expertise in cooking. We are excellent in using the spices and flavorings to create. savory tasteful dishes that would remind anyone of Afghanistana��s local flavors.


We specialize in Afghani dishes and exclusively Grill Kabobs and Afghan Curries. We aim to provide our customers with the local flavors of Afghanistan. Our savory flavors and local tastes of Afghanistan takes our customers a�� whether from any part of the world a�� down the lane of Afghanistan Food Street.

Our specialties are Afghani Grill Kabobs & Curries



Quality Policy

We have a very strict policy of quality food items to be served to our customers. We make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and washed, as well as that our employees are themselves hygienic. We make sure we wear gloves, use clean utensils, and keep a periodic cleansing process of everything. Our dishes are prepared in a clean, germ free environment, and we ensure our cooking spaces are thoroughly clean before preparing them for cooking. We change our oil periodically.

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We cook our dishes in clean and hygienic environment

Our lambs are grass-fed and all our livestock are kept in clean environment. It is delivered to us by top suppliers, which guarantees the high quality of our food. They are cut and processed in a clean environment, in a strictly proper manner, to ensure we do not wrong our customers in any way.